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his course titled " STAAD Pro: From Beginner Pro [From ZERO to HERO]" teaches you all the things required for the structural analysis and design of a building. This course, as the title says, doesn't require you to have any prior experience in this software or any other structural design software.  It will teach all the aspects of the software from very basic and will take you to the higher levels of the software as the course progresses. The course has been very systematically arranged so that you can best understand the software. Once you complete this course, you will have all the necessary knowledge to do structural design of a building. You can work as a  structural designer or can do the structural design of buildings on your own projects.

What will you learn
  • Civil Engineers who want to pursue career in structural engineering.

  • Civil Engineering Students who want to learn structural designing.

  • Engineers who wish to do structural analysis and design of a building.

  • Engineers who want to learn detailing of beams and columns.

  • A computer with STAAD Pro installed.
  • Eagerness and dedication to learn.


  • 12 Lessons
  • 03:10:20 Hours
  • Introduction, Overview of Staad pro V8i, Staad pro V8i Interface , Unit Setup.00:08:32
  • Geometric Moduling , Types of Moduling Creation, Grid Method , Co-ordinate Method , Structural wizard method , Uses of Cursor, Model Editing Tools , Transition Repeat command, Circular Repeat command, Mirror command , Rotation command , Uses of Struct00:21:02
  • Material properties, Creation of New materials, Section properties, Specification, Support specification, Creation of Fixed, Pinned, Fixed but support etc.00:05:05
  • Loading & Load combination, Co-ordinate system , Nodal load, Member load, Area load, Floor load, Plate load, Wind load, Moving load generation etc.., Load combinations.00:05:05
  • Static Analysis & Design, How to Analyze the Structure , Post Processing mode, How to Design a structure.00:07:26
  • Non Static analysis, Seismic Analysis, Dynamic Analysis , Response Spectrum Analysis, Time History Analysis , Frequency Analysis.00:33:41
  • Steel Truss , Steel Truss Creation , Load Assigning , Analysis , Post processing , Design.00:30:53
  • Water Tank Design , Creation of: Rectangle Circle , Analysis, Post processing, Design.00:14:42
  • Basic Static Analysis of structure , Creation of Basic structure , Assigning the Various Load , Analysis , Post processing, Find Out Reaction.00:15:16
  • Electrical Transmission Tower , Creation of Steel Tower, Load Acting on Tower , Analysis.00:23:40
  • Suspension Bridge , Bridge Moduling , Deck Creation , IRC Loading , Bridge Deck Analysis.00:21:52
  • Printing option , Print setup, Post processing , Report submitting .00:03:06

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Name : sekar R
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VIGNESHWARAN K - Sat, 02-Dec-2023

Easy to understand and make learning in Tamil made very much easy to perform

jeeva mariyappan - Thu, 21-Dec-2023