Photoshop Effect


In this course, you will learn Adobe Photoshop's advanced tools. You can enrich your boring and plain photos into gorgeous looking images with special effects. You can add Photoshop effects to your photos by utilizing just the right tools and techniques that you need. This course covers loads of practical projects that can be used to make your photographs even better. We will also teach you CariCature Effect, Concept Art Work, Double Exposure, Image Morphing, Water Reflection, Water Drop Effect through practical projects.

What will you learn
  • You will learn to create your own special photo effects.

  • You will learn to create your photographs even better by different practical projects.

  • You can save time and money by creating your own effects, quickly and efficiently.

  • Basic knowledge in Photoshop.


  • 22 Lessons
  • 04:42:52 Hours
  • Vector Vexel00:34:39
  • Face Explosion00:09:50
  • Image Dispersion00:13:04
  • Pencil Art00:23:37
  • Broken Head00:12:34
  • 3D Pop out00:08:34
  • Blur Background00:11:57
  • Color Grid00:08:17
  • CariCature Effect00:21:29
  • Changing Background00:07:30
  • Color Look Up00:03:33
  • Concept Art Work00:08:31
  • Crack Peeling00:07:39
  • Double Exposure00:10:44
  • Fire and Water00:12:30
  • Image Morphing00:07:40
  • Particle Dispersion00:11:11
  • Peel Head00:21:18
  • Photo Splash00:10:43
  • Water Reflection00:05:30
  • Water Drop Effect00:08:46
  • Wings Manipulation00:23:16

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