PFTrack as an innovative product with unparalleled flexibility, enables the users to recreate entire scenes with a fully accurate world space defined by camera metrics. You can track objects, buildings, and even facial movements with a comprehensive set of built-in tools, and export data to suit your pipeline. It adds exclusive technologies that stretch far beyond the capabilities of other conventional matchmoving software. It is built on a rock-solid camera tracking and image analysis engine. 

This course is destined for anyone interested in creating their own Visual Effects and Motion Graphics.You will learn about the features you can use to prepare your shots for tracking, including features for masking and lens distortion removal. You can explore options for both automatically and manually tracking shots. 

What will you learn
  • You can create your own Visual Effects and Motion Graphics.

  • You will learn to export Tracking Data to 3dsmax.

  • You will explore options for both automatically and manually tracking shots.

  • Basic knowledge in tracking.


  • 4 Lessons
  • 01:35:16 Hours
  • Interface understanding , Basics of Tracking camera , Camera Movements ,Sample Footage .00:24:09
  • Preparing a Footage, Auto Track – Node method, Tracking Points look up, Camera Solver.00:15:44
  • Preparing a Footage, User Track– Node method, Tracking Points look up, Camera Solver ,Orient Scene , Exporting the Data.00:19:56
  • Preparing a Footage, Maya Interface Fast Look up , Importing the FBX, Camera & Adjustments in Maya , Environment Set up , Importing ( Maya ) Model in to Maya, Adjusting the size and rotation, Placement in Position , Track and Final look up in Maya .00:35:27

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