Maya Basics


This course is designed for anyone who wants to learn Autodesk Maya for the first time.  You will learn Maya to create incredible animation, environments, motion graphics, virtual reality experiences and characters. This course shows you how to quickly get up to speed with one of the most powerful 3D modeling applications. You will learn about rendering, lighting, and texturing your objects.  You can understand the basics and the user Interface of Maya.

 By learning Maya you can create a model and animate 3D Animation films. You can  also model and animate 3D Advertisements and  3D Games for a wide range of mediums including mobile apps. 

What will you learn
  • You will learn to know how to create incredible animation, environments, motion graphics, virtual reality experiences and characters.

  • you will learn how to model using NURBS and Polygons and also you will learn about rendering, lighting, and texturing your objects.

  • By completing this course you will become ready to create, animate and render your own 3D models.

  • You will come to know how to model a simple tree and background.

  • You will become familiar with render settings, lights and shadows, light falloff, motionBlur, depth of field, light editor.

  • Basic knowledge of Photoshop and Flash, will make really easy for you to work with Maya.


  • 17 Lessons
  • 11:45:44 Hours
  • Introduction, System Requirement , Mental Ray Arnold.00:07:11
  • Interface, Projects, Viewports, Navigation, Workspace, Mental Ray Viewport.00:29:05
  • Select and move, Rotate scale, Pivot, Duplicate, Channel box and attribute, snapping .00:31:06
  • Outliner, Hierarchies, Groups, Hyper graph, Hide Show, Layers.00:29:51
  • NURBS poly, Poly prims, Selecting Polys, Soft select, Modelling Tree, Combine - Separate, Booleans.00:50:10
  • Reference, Extrude, Bevel, Edge Loops, Symmetry and Mirror Geometry, Merge, Extrude Path and Poly bridge.01:04:46
  • Model Toolkit, Subdivision Surface, Crease and Edge Flow, Non Linear Deform, Lattice, Object History.01:00:52
  • Brush interface, Sculpting.00:28:49
  • Intro to NURBS, NURBSPRIMS and Curves, Revolve and Loft, Extrude.00:46:23
  • Iso parms, NURBS Curve, Curve Surface, Projected Curves, TRIM, Convert NURBS.00:42:59
  • Maya Renderers, Shaders, Bitmap and Texture, Hyper shade, Creating Hyper, Ramp shader and Bump map, Mental Ray and Arnold Material.01:42:43
  • Texturing poly, basic UV, UV Project and Edit, Mapping in UV.00:41:43
  • RenderSettings , Lights and Shadows, Light falloff, MotionBlur , Depth of Field , LightEditor .00:38:19
  • Animation interface, Set keys, Graph Editor and Dope sheet, Breakdown key, motionpath and Ghost , Play blast, Cycle.00:51:07
  • Mental Lights, Depth of field, Ray tracing, Lighting Mental ray.00:37:41
  • Arnold Mesh Light, Render settings, Depth of Field, Motion blur.00:42:59
  • Maya Basics : Assessment

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