CATIA stands for Computer Aided Three-Dimensional Interactive Application. It’s a full software suite which incorporates CAD, CAE and CAM. It is a powerful three dimensional parametric solid modeling software. It enables the development of high-quality mechanical products. It enables the learners to design shapes with 3D sketching and visualization features. Its engineering, design, and system engineering capabilities make it efficient tool for the product manufacturing industry.

    The course will help to learn the accomplishment of solid modeling and get hands-on experience with the real world projects. This course is prepared in a pedagogical sequence to illustrate design, assembly, drafting, wireframe  and surface. This course emphasizes the creation of Sketch-Based Features and best-practice methodology. 

What will you learn
  • You will learn part Design and wire frame design.

  • You can understand the assembly of parts created from parts modelling, surface modelling & Sheet metal modeling.

  • After completion of this course, learners will be able to build or change simple and complex solid models.

  • You can create and modify sketch based features and Perform Boolean operations.

  • Basic knowledge of computer and CATIA V5 SOFTWARE.


  • 11 Lessons
  • 07:05:36 Hours
  • About the software, Usage in industries, How to open CATIA Software, Basic tools and menu bars, Customize the environment.00:11:17
  • Importance of 2D sketches, How to enter into sketcher window, Customize the tool bars, Sketch tools, Profile tools, Operation tools, Constraints tools.02:04:48
  • Importance of 3D geometry, How to open part design, Toggling tool bars into the window, Sketch box & features, Exit work bench, Dress up features, Transformation features.00:51:00
  • Importance of adding bodies, Measure tools, Measure between components, Inertia tools.00:13:27
  • Importance of Boolean operation, Types of Boolean operation, Boolean body creation, Boolean add & its importance, Boolean subtract, Boolean intersect.00:19:33
  • How to create 3D geometry, Creation of keyboard, Gear component creation, Saving a document, Extension of saved components.00:24:14
  • Introduction, Types of approach, Bottom up approach, Tools & options used, DOF (Degrees of freedom), Components creation, Piston head, Connecting rod, Crank case, Bottom body and top body, Saving a component.01:13:54
  • Importing existing components, Move tool bar, Manipulation tool, Constraint tools & importance, Simulation of inline piston assembly.00:45:44
  • Introduction and importance, How to project 3D sketches, View tool bars and section elements, Dimensioning a component, Bill of material creation.00:32:56
  • Importance, Creating attractive features in drafting, Saving a document.00:07:23
  • Importance of space analysis tools, Clash component, Distance band analysis, Sectioning a component, Apply material to components, Image capturing, Saving a file.00:21:20

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Way of Teaching is Good

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This is so good and useful but it can be slowed down a bit.

Arun Stephin Pather Antony viji - Tue, 14-Mar-2023


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