C Programming


C programming is an excellent language to learn to program for beginners. C  programming has now become a widely used professional language for various reasons such as, it is easy to learn; it's a structured language; it produces efficient programs; it can handle low-level activities and it can be compiled on a variety of computer platforms. It can be used to develop software like operating systems, databases, compilers. 

What will you learn
  • You will learn the fundamental programming concepts and methodologies which are essential to build good C program.

  • You can understand how to code, document, test, and implement a well-structured, robust computer program using the C programming language.

  • You can design, implement, test and debug programs that use loops and arrays.

  • You can design, implement, test and debug programs that use functions .

  • You will learn to design, implement, test and debug programs that use different data types, such as simple variables, arrays, and structures.

  • You can learn C, without any knowledge of algorithms, data structures or boolean logic.


  • 10 Lessons
  • 02:08:45 Hours
  • Introduction of C , Structure of C programming.00:13:02
  • Data types, variables, Keywords, Identifier , Input Output Statement. 00:12:54
  • 1. Conditional statment 1. simple if 2. Nested If 3. Switch 2. Looping statment 1. For loop 2. While loop 3. Do-while Loop.00:13:29
  • Arithmetic , Compare , Relational , Logical , Assignment ,Increment or Decrement operators .00:24:07
  • Intro Array , Types of Array , One dimension Two Dimension00:14:32
  • Intro Pointer , Normal variable Vs Pointer Variable, Pointer with array. 00:13:12
  • Intro Function,how to create function,(1)Declaration function (2)Calling function (3)Definition function[Function Types] 1.with argument and with return type, 2.with argument and without return type, 3. without argument and with return type, et00:13:42
  • Intro to structure , structure vs array , structure with pointer , structure with function .00:13:20
  • Intro file, how create file , file accessing mode, file input and output function .00:10:27
  • C Programming : Assessment

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