ANSYS is a technology-leading software for numerical simulation in product development. It offers ample software suite that covers the entire range of physics, providing access to virtually any field of engineering simulation for process design. The functionality spans all steps of CAE simulations, combined with very powerful simulation technology for Fluid Dynamics, Structural Mechanics, Electromagnetics, Multiphysics and System Simulation as well as Temperature Fields. It is used to determine how a product will function with different specifications, without building test products or conducting crash tests. It's a leading software for performing structural, thermal and vibrational analysis.

What will you learn
  • Learners will become familiar with the basics of Ansys workbench.

  • You can be able to work with different ANSYS analysis tools in workbench.

  • You will become more confident with importance and generation of meshes and also its tools.

  • You can understand mechanical analysis, linear and non-linear structural analysis.

  • You will become more familiar with thermal and transient thermal analysis, vibrational analysis, computational fluid dynamics.

  • Basic knowledge of CAD, machine design and strength of materials.


  • 15 Lessons
  • 10:14:15 Hours
  • About the software, Applications, Usage in industries.00:05:59
  • Basics of ANSYS 14.5 work bench How to open ANSYS 14.5, Tools and operations involved, Basic steps in FEA problems.00:28:35
  • How to add materials to problem, Details of engineering data sources, Material properties description, Adding new material properties, Updating to FEA problems.00:09:32
  • Detailed sketch tools, Draw, modify, dimension, constraints, 3D extrusion of parts, Extrude, revolve, poly line, grid, Named selection tools.00:32:47
  • Importance of meshes, Generation of meshes and tools involved, Various mesh methods, Importance on solving FEA problem, Mapped face meshing, Exporting mesh data.00:35:52
  • Basic of FEA analysis, Chair assembly analysis, Contact analysis on mechanical arm.00:31:43
  • Introduction, Truss analysis, Bucking analysis I- section beam, Various load analysis on curved beam, Pressure load analysis on aircraft fuselage, Leaf spring analysis, Thermal loads on structure.01:00:08
  • Introduction and importance, Pipe bending analysis, Pipe twisting analysis, Two pipe contact twisting analysis.01:07:10
  • Importance of vibration analysis, Actuator case analysis, Pre- stressed vibration analysis of tensioned string.00:21:47
  • Introduction and importance, Time – dependent bridge structure analysis.00:22:41
  • Introduction, Fin tube heat exchanger problem, Heating coil problem, Solenoid problem, Thermal contacts problem, Open and closed contact analysis.01:26:18
  • Introduction, Soldering of iron analysis, Advanced ANSYS tutorials.00:22:31
  • Introduction, Basic tools and example problems, Car spoiler analysis, CFD – post processing.00:56:27
  • Introduction CFX problems, Compressor analysis, CFX - post processing.01:05:32
  • About explicit dynamics problems, Importance in day – to – day applications, Bird strike analysis on aircraft wing, Bullet impact analysis on windows glass.01:07:13

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