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Adobe Photoshop is the leading photo editing and manipulation software. It is an extremely powerful application that's used by many professional photographers and designers. You can use Photoshop for almost any type of image editing, from touching up photos to creating high-quality graphics. . This software provides many image editing features for pixel-based images as well as vector graphics. 

It provides a number of tools for the different subject according to the need of the users and also importing of the photos and videos into the Photoshop home screen is easy

It is the premiere image manipulation tool for print design, Web design, and photography. This course covers the techniques for common Photoshop jobs including selecting and isolating objects, creating image composites, and  masking  images, setting typography, and improving images with retouching and effects.

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What will you learn
  • You will be able to use basic selection tools and edge refinement to isolate and edit parts of an image.

  • You can also manipulate layers through ordering, positioning, scaling, rotation, and adjustments.

  • You can also create composite images that exhibit the advanced selection and layering techniques.

  • You can apply special effects to typography using masks, paths, and layer styles.

  • You will be able to design layouts for web pages, Brouchers, CD Covers, Package designing , Event and Exhibition stall Designs, Color corrections Paintings, Converting B/W photo to color.

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  • 20 Lessons
  • 05:54:44 Hours
  • Introduction about Photoshop cc, Workspace & its option.00:06:34
  • Creating a new document, Sheet settings, Art board setup.00:12:17
  • Move tool, Rectangular marquee tool, Elliptical marquee tool , Single row marquee tool , Single column marquee tool , Lasso tool, Polygonal lasso tool, Magnetic lasso tool, Creating a new layer, Other layer option.00:36:30
  • Quick selection tool, Magic wand tool, Crop tool, Perspective crop tool , Eye dropper tool , Color sampler tool, Ruler tool , Note tool, Count tool.00:13:34
  • Spot healing brush tool, Healing brush tool , Patch tool , Content aware tool , Red eye tool , Brush tool , Pencil tool , Clone stamp tool , Pattern stamp tool.00:25:36
  • History brush tool, Art history brush tool , Eraser tool , Background eraser tool , Gradient tool , Paint bucket tool , Blur tool, Sharpen tool , Smudge tool, Dodge tool , Burn tool , Sponge tool .00:09:53
  • Pen tool, Freeform pen tool, Add and delete anchor point, Convert point tool, Text, Horizontal type, Vertical type, Vertical type mask, Horizontal type mask, Blending modes, Blending options(layer style), Opacity and fill, Path selection, Direct selection00:38:24
  • Vector mask, Shape mask, Mask composing.00:10:40
  • Color correction, Adjustment layer, Adjustment layer styles, Color mode, Color lookup, Image size reduce, Image rotation.00:17:19
  • Black & white convert into color00:14:26
  • File menu, Edit menu, Image menu, Layer menu, Type menu, Select menu, Filter menu, Liquify, Vanish point , Blur , Gallery blur.00:15:29
  • Filter gallery, Adaptive wide angle , Camera raw filter, Lens correction .01:00:51
  • Creating a funny image using liquify option00:12:20
  • Change the eye color00:04:51
  • Morphing00:20:28
  • Scare Removal00:03:49
  • Creating a shadow00:07:32
  • Photo Retouching& Manipulation00:36:41
  • Changing Background00:07:30
  • Adobe Photoshop : Assessment

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By this video I learnt about photo editing from beginning to advanced in photoshop 2015 and I still need working skills and experience.

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Teach Some New Features According To Versions!!

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