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Adobe InDesign is the industry-leading layout and page design software for print and digital media. Create beautiful graphic designs with typography from the world's top foundries and imagery from Adobe Stock. Quickly share content and feedback in PDF. Easily manage production with Adobe Experience Manager. Easily manage production with Adobe Experience Manager. InDesign has everything you need to create and publish books, digital magazines, eBooks, posters, interactive PDFs and more.

What will you learn



  • 14 Lessons
  • 09:18:46 Hours
  • GETTING STARTED WITH INDESIGN : Introduction ,Understanding the interface ,Getting started,Add or edit text,Add or replace graphics,Apply the Navigation Controls and Set Preferences , Create and print a Pdf00:29:47
  • DESIGNING A DOCUMENT : New Documents, Guides and Measurements , Add Text Frames, Type and Edit text, Apply basic text formatting , Import graphics, Save and revert documents00:33:14
  • WORKING WITH PAGE ELEMENTS : Insert, delete, and Move pages – Create and apply master pages – Override master page items – Set margin and column guides – Change page size – Add page numbering00:59:17
  • Text : Import text – Thread text frames – Set text frame attributes – Insert special characters – Use the story editor – Check spelling – Use Find-Change – Put text on a path 00:33:47
  • Graphics : Use the Link panel – Edit graphics in their original app – Crop and fit graphics to the frame00:53:02
  • Color and Transparency : Stroke and fill frames and paths – Transparency, drop shadow, and effects – Create Color swatches – Understand unnamed color – Create and apply gradient swatches00:13:26
  • Frames and Paths : Draw and edit path and frames shapes – Create Clipping Paths – Create Compound Paths – Add rounded corners and corner options – Create text outline00:24:51
  • Manage Objects : Scale, rotate, duplicate, and transform – Move objects above or below each other – Create and control layers – Align, distribute, and group – Understand text warp – Use anchored objects00:00:00
  • Text Formatting : Apply advanced character formatting – Use find font – Apply formatting to a paragraph – Use drop caps – Add rules above or below a paragraph – Set tabs and tab stops – Span and split paragraphs – Add automatic bullets and Numbers – Use 00:55:37
  • Styles : Create and apply paragraph styles – Use character styles – Edit and redefine styles – Use object styles00:52:37
  • BUILDING TABLES : Create a table – Adjust rows and columns – Format a tables – Format cells – Place graphics in cells00:27:29
  • Interactive Documents : Add hyperlinks – Create interactive pdf – Export to the web with publish online00:36:56
  • Package, print, and Export : Package for output – Use the print dialog box – Export a pdf00:23:49
  • Designs : Post card design – Company Brochure – Magazine layout – Company Newsletter – Creating Book ( Sample With minimum pages)01:54:54

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